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I've been singing for as long as I can remember! Growing up, I was a choir kid, and I was very involved in my high school's and later my university's jazz and chamber choirs. These skills easily transferred into my performances as a musical theatre artist!

Nowadays, my focus is on musical theatre, jazz, rock, and folk genres but I love trying new styles of music. I've been categorized as a light lyric soprano, but I have a mean belt. I also have chorus/backup and soloist experience. 

Interested in hiring me for gigs? Drop me a line here

Also, if you're into holiday cheer, I regularly perform with The Fireside Carolers in November/December. When you book a gig, make sure to request me and let them know I referred you! 


I started composing for piano around 2006 and expanded to multi-voice compositions, including string quartets and vocalists in 2010.


From 2016 - 2022 I co-composed my first original musical, "Bad World" through Crave Theatre Company. We released our concept album in 2021, which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital music distribution platforms!


Interested in collaborating? I specialize in lyrics and melodies and I would love to create new pieces. Let me know what you're envisioning by dropping the details here!

For samples of my compositions, check out Bad World and my artist page on Spotify:

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