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So... What's your story?

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I am a kinesthetic performer whose tail wags for musical theatre, puppetry, and dialects. Growing up in Washington state, whenever I wasn't devouring stacks of books to kindle my passion for storytelling, I was singing classical, jazz, and musical theatre.

This jump-up-and-down enthusiasm led to my graduation from Central Washington University with a BFA in Performance, where I also learned puppetry skills.

My first professional gig was in 2013 with Leavenworth Summer Theater when I played Liesl in The Sound of Music and Judah’s wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and I've been making the rounds in the Pacific Northwest theatre scene ever since.

Additionally, courtesy of the Betty Evans Shakespeare Scholarship, I had the unique opportunity to spend a year studying classical theater in London and to conduct a research project focusing on regional English dialects. This knowledge kindled a passion for dialect work; I've worked with Imago Theatre, Lakewood Center for the Arts, BattleGround Productions, Defunkt Theatre, Metropolitan Performing Arts and Milagro as a dialect coach.  

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