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"The songs in this play are really quite inventive.  Some of my favorites were 'Follow the Golden Rule' (Nolan & Co)...” and 'Make a Story with No End' (the lovely, Rose in a touching rendition).” -Dennis Sparks review of Twisted at The Funhouse Lounge

"Rose is a comedic powerhouse running on seemingly bottomless energy..." -William Thomas Burk of  Rose's performance as Lydia in Enso Theater Ensemble's Pride and Prejudice

"The most unique casting decision was in regards to Kylie Jenifer Rose who had the challenge of taking on the role of Martin Short’s Ned Nedelander, referred to as “Neddie” throughout the production. Rose was able to take on Short’s silly and nonsensical character as well as deliver breath-taking performances when it came time to sing “Blue Shadows” and “My Little Buttercup”, two songs from the original film."

             -Portland Notes review of "The Three Amigos: LIVE"



"It is also noteworthy that none of [the characters] are caricatures, which easily could have been the case and, therefore, are portraying the essence of the person, not trying to imitate them.  This is due to some fine acting and directing but also to the dialects, as all four are from different parts of the country or world.  So a special shout-out to Kylie Rose, as well, as the dialogue coach, who has captured the essence of the accent, without it overpowering them.  I would highly recommend her in this field for future theatre projects." -Dennis Sparks' review of Defunkt Theatre's production of Insignificance

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